Amorys van Hester
Amorys Stephanne "Amori" van Hester
Position 60th, Normal Class/ Trainees
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon None)
Killerbunny No 60
General Info
Age About 23
Height 5 feet. 5 inches
Weight Roughly 113 -150 lbs
Status Alive


Not much can be said, however, she does state that her mother's name was Anne and her father's name Steve, along with that she was born in Pierre, South Dakota.


She borders on on being mildly heavyset and having some hourglass shape. She has auburnish hair that is dyed blue and pink at the ends and one strand has a string of beads. She wears a pink and blue makeup around her eyes and pink lipstick. Her clothes consist of a ruffled pink and blue off-shoulder dress with black leggings and boots matching her dress. She wears gold jewelry and a heart tattoo on her left breast.


She tends to be rather weak willed and easily swayed, yet oddly persistent with a dash of being very compliant.

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