Arachne Blacke
Arachne "Spinnerette" Blacke
Position 48th, Normal Subclass
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Traps
Killerbunny No 48
General Info
Age 17
Height 5 ft. 2 ins
Weight 110 lbs
Status Currently living in Brooklyn


Arachne was born in Brooklyn, New York to an upper middle class family of European heritage. Not much is known about her background besides some of her ancestry, her birthplace, and the fact that she is a straight A student.


She has long curly auburn hair that is normally tied into two pigtails with black ribbons or scrunchies and red eyes. She is normally seen in black eye makeup and red lipstick, with an hourglass shaped tattoo on her face. She is typically seen black boots, shorts, skirt, red belt, and black semi loose fitting tube top with a red bow and red hourglass marking. She wears red thong and silver jewelry.


She tends to operate on subtleties and is very polite, keeping whatever hostilities there may be to herself. Like a spider, she doesn't bother unless bothered.

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