Ardith Begonia Gagné-Pinkerton
Ardith Begonia "Ardie" Gagné-Pinkerton
Position Forty-First, Normal Subclass
Threat Level Low
Weapon Unknown
Killerbunny No 41
General Info
Age About 16
Height About 4 ft and 6 ins
Weight About 120 lbs
Status Alive


She was born somewhere near the border of Canada and the US to Arthur and Angeline Gagné-Pinkerton and is the middle of seven children.


She has wavy-ish pink hair with magenta tips and her bangs tied in a ponytail. Her eyes are either turquoise or aqua-green and she tends to wear pink makeup. She has heart tattoos and a mole over the right side of her mouth. She is normally seen in pink shorts and strapped off-shoulder top, with heart-shaped buckled blue belt and pink boots. She wears five earrings in her right ear and a pink ribbon around her neck.


She is noted to be cheerful and fun-loving and doesn't take kindly to insults, however, she can be rather trusting and tends to get along with anyone. She's also a tad gullible.

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