Cerise Blumanthal
Hyacinth Angelica Cerise Blumenthal (Known mostly as "Cerise")
Position Thirty-Eighth, Special
Threat Level Low
Weapon Skills
Killerbunny No 38
General Info
Age In the range of at least 8-12
Height About 3-4 ft and 6-11 inches
Weight About 60-72 lbs
Status Alive


According to her, she states she was born in Bexley, Ohio, although those that know her states she was born in Livingston, New Jersey, and others state she was born in the areas between Rosalyn and Jericho, Long Island. She was born to her parents Jonathan and Mistral Blumenthal, as the youngest of four children.


She has natural purple hair and green eyes. She is typically seen in a purple dress with matching shoes and a purple brace on one of her legs. She is normally wearing a pair of goggles on her head but can be seen wearing them over her eyes. From her mouth, some of her teeth protrude.


She is curious, yet zany, with a slew of eccentricities and hyperactivity to match. She is also generally naive and cheerful, as well as easily upset.

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