Clem Finster
Clemence "Clem" Finster
Position 78th, Special Subclass
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 78
General Info
Age 27
Height 5 feet. 6 inch
Weight About 145 lbs
Status Alive


Clemence was born to her parents Clarence and Fiona "Fio" Finster. When she was three, she had lost her sight in her right eye, the cause of said sight loss never being known, however, she prefers not to discuss it. By the time she was of middle-school age, she no longer had both of her parents and was living with her grandparents, until their deaths.


She has auburn hair tied in braid on side of her head, bound with red ties, and sienna colored eyes, along with having a full build. She is blind in her right eye and wears black eye-makeup. She wears an off-shoulder black and red crop top with a matching skirt and boots. She also has a tattoo of winding rose and a tattoo that vaguely resembles flames.


She is rather spoiled and very jaded, almost to a fault and is quite unwilling to lift a finger. She is also described a "pain in the ass" to be around.

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