Computer Virus
Cassandra Vanessa (Commonly: Computer Virus)
Position Sixth, Severe Subclass
Threat Level Severe
Weapon Hacker Skills
Killerbunny No 6
General Info
Age 17
Height 6 feet. 2 inches
Weight 180 lbs
Status Roaming, also banned from using computers at the home base


According to her email to the Killerbunnies, she has been a computer hacker since she was seven and that the scars on her face are from two separate incidents involving her hacking into a system of some sort, like a security system in the former and a a fight with her cousin in the latter, that of which involved it being infected with a virus, earning her alias. When she received her artificial parts is unknown.


She is girl of teenage with greyish black hair, tied in a braid, with white headband and black, green, and blue streaked bangs . She usually wears a green halter dress with black shorts and boots. Her artificial eye is red and she has a jack in her head that allows her sync with computers. She also wears lipstick and has a Y-shaped scar that divides her face into three sections and one scar under her eye.


Apparently, she enjoys doing what she does and seems to be generally fun loving, making her rather criminally mischievous

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