Constance Cade
Constance Erminia "Crimsie" Cade
Position 50th, Unknown Subclass
Threat Level High
Weapon Various
Killerbunny No 50
General Info
Age 27
Height 5 ft. 5 ins
Weight 145 lbs
Status Currently living in Brooklyn


She was born in Butte, Montana, to her prostitute mother Wilamina "Wili" Cade and was initially named, "Crimsie". When she was a year old, she was taken in by her great-aunt Esther Cade-Borden, who then renamed her "Constance Erminia". She lived a fairly promising childhood under the care of her aunt, until she was arrested for solicitation and coercion when she was thirteen.


She is of a slight heavyset build with black hair and blue eyes. She is mostly seen in a strapless red dress, black fishnet tights, and red high heels, with a red flower in her hair. She has a mole on the right side of her mouth, red lipstick, and black eyeshadow.


She described as being rather mysterious and enigmatic, yet, at the same time a rather ruthless and manipulative sort. A summation would be that she is antisocial

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