Coriander Donahue
Coriander "Coco" Donahue
Position Fifty-Fourth, Trainees
Threat Level None
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 54
General Info
Age In her teens
Height 5 feet. 2 inches
Weight 145 lbs
Status Currently residing in Boise


She was born to her parents Clarence and Dulce Donahue, in Boise, Idaho.


She has curlyish strawberry blond hair with pink streaks, the which she wears a flower in and is tied by hair bobbles. She mostly wears a loose-fitting floral patterned green shirt, with a bra-like top underneath, and denim hot pants, with green and pink patterned belt with a flower buckle. Generally, she doesn't wear shoes, though her toenails are painted pink and she wears a gold and beaded anklet on left leg. She also has flower tattoo on her abdomen and wears pink makeup.


She is know to be a real sweetheart, however, she is rather and painfully absentminded. In a vein, she is also noted to be eccentric, tending border on obsessive and is noted to be extremely fascinated. At the same, she is noted to be rather cheerful and laid back, too relaxed to really care.

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