Creamline Rogue
Creamline Rogue
Position Second, X class
Threat Level Inconclusive
Weapon Taser device and "battle claws"
Killerbunny No 2
General Info
Age About eight
Height 3 feet. 1 inch.
Weight 43 pounds
Status Apparently Orphaned


There isn't much known about besides the fact that she is from Detroit, Michigan, and the fact that she is behind a string of attacks there, prior to her meeting Snow Fl.


She has very pale blonde hair, with streaked bangs and streaked crimped ponytail, along with blue eyes. On her face, there are scars running from each corner of her mouth, one of which linking to a scar that curves around her neck. She usually wears a pale blue overall dress with blue capris, pink shoes, and a pink shirt, with ribbons in her hair. Her ear also has notches in it and one of her ears was stapled on.


She seems to possess a childlike demeanor and approach to everything, being endlessly cheerful but all the while malicious, thinking what she does is fun, deriving some sort of amusement from it, as well as viewing it as a game.

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