Eira Frostine Iselin
Eira Frostine Iselin
Position Fourtieth, Supernatural Subclass
Threat Level High
Weapon None, although has been known to cause frostbite upon touch
Killerbunny No 40
General Info
Age Unknown
Height 6 ft 3 ins
Weight Unknown
Status Unknown


What is known about her is unknown and mostly left to speculation, very much like a ghost story, many of which are told about her. Some say she was rejected by her lover and went out into the cold, where she died, while others say she simply got lost in a blizzard and froze to death. There is no set story of her origins or where she is even from, although most maintain that she is not alive.


She is typically seen in a blue dress, with pale blue eyeliner and a pearl sapphire necklace. Instead of blush her, her cheeks are a pale blue, as are her lips. She has small heart-shaped tattoos and empty blue eyes, with bluish-black hair. She is rather curvy.


She is noted to be rather cordial but quiet, answering questions but never asking.

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