Evange Bourgeois
Eurprosine "Evange" Bourgeois
Position 29th, Moderate Subclass
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Shotgun and pet alligator
Killerbunny No 8
General Info
Age Early 20s
Height 6 feet. 2 inches
Weight 450 lbs
Status Serving as cafeteria cook at the homebase


From what is known, she was born in Louisiana, in the bayou region, to her parents Edouard and Eurielle Bourgeois. When she was ten years old, she obtained a baby alligator as a pet, to whom she names Bayou Belle, and has raised her herself, despite her parents' protests. When she was twelve, she moved out of her parents' home and went to live in abandoned house. Renowned for her cooking skills, she was known to eat frequently, leaving her gain weight.


Evange is typically seen in a pink dress and black boots. She is a very obese woman, weighing at over 450 pounds. Her general accessories include gold bracelets, pink pendant, and a pink scarf . She is normally seen in pink makeup and has a mole on her face. She also had scars from "playing" with Bayou Belle.


Within most mannerisms, she masquerades and behaves as a southern belle would, though she is also rather rude and has known for being gluttonous, as well as trigger happy.

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