Frankie Warren
Francinia Elyssa "Frankie" Warren
Position Fifty-First, Special Containees
Threat Level Severe
Weapon Whatever she concocts
Killerbunny No 51
General Info
Age Either 7 or 8
Height 3 feet. 5 inches
Weight 50-60 lbs
Status Mostly Contained


She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina to her parents Ferris and Fayelyn Warren. Not much else is known aside from the fact that she ran a meth lab when she was four, caused an explosion in family's basement when she was five, poisoned a cousin with chemicals, and used pets as test subjects, the none of which survived.


With vomit on her pink apron and often streaming from her mouth, she has muted blond hair with blue bows and yellow chartreuse eyes. She wears a blue and rose dress with ruffles on the sleeve and skirt and has dark circles under her eyes.


Her personality is rather ambiguous and erratic. She is very eccentric, with no real sense of right and wrong and runs by her own logic. She seems to be friendly, yet, she seems to have little regard for others and, apparently, lacks some understanding of her actions.

Containment Procedures

Frankie is is contained in in 20x20 square foot room. For most of her containment, her experimental subjects must be rotated two days a week and her concoctions must be seized. Her cell is often decorated to her liking and her bedding and toys must be switched out to be washed, if not incinerated (as she often vomits). Her cell is also to be cleaned at beginning and end of every week. She is allowed into the lab the beginning and end of the each month, only if escorted and or watched by personnel.

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