Gas McFarley
Harlie "Gas" McFarley
Position 51st, Normal Class
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Gases
Killerbunny No 51
General Info
Age Either seven or eight
Height 3 feet. 11.5 inches
Weight 60 lbs
Status Alive


She was born in the inner city parts of Long Beach, California, to her parents Gregory and Hester McFarley. She was always known to be a rather resourceful, yet very a curious and destructive child, and often had a habit of playing with chemicals, along with getting in chemistry labs.


She has peridotish colored hair, dyed at the ends in yellow-chartreuse and tied in two pigtails with red hair-bobbles. She wears pair of white shorts and black boots with stain like markings on them. She also wears a black hoodie, with a skill and crossbones on it, and is often seen carrying around a tank of gas with her.

Her eyes are often bloodshot and one pupil is typically dilated more than the other, with dark circles under them. She is typically seen with a bloody nose or dried blood under her nose and froth coming out of her mouth. Her ears have silver piercings in and tattoos on them


Resourceful, yet curious, however very destructive without a clear grasp on reality or morality. In some circumstances, she tends to be witty and pleasant

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