Greasetain Goddard
Gunhilde "Greasestain" Goddard
Position Fifty-Second, Pending Containees
Threat Level High
Weapon Cooking
Killerbunny No 52
General Info
Age 19
Height 5 feet. 11 inches
Weight 170 lbs
Status Currently serving as a lunch lady in California


She was born in downtown Salem, Oregon, to her parents Edward and Gisele Goddard, who inspired her love for cooking. When she was 10 years old and while trying to cook for herself, she caused a grease explosion sustaining burns to her face and was hospitalized a few times for poisoning. Some time afterwards, she was sent to live with her grandparents in California after causing a grease fire the which her former home burned down. Somehow, she's obtained a job as a lunch lady.


With ginger-root colored hair, she is suffering a heavy degree of hair loss, due to some poisoning. Her eyes are of some green color and has dark circles around her eyes. She wears a rose-colored dress with a dirty raggedy yellow-chartreuse apron, yellow gloves, and brown boots. She is minus an ear and, due to facial spasms, she is fairly prom to having her mouth in a half open smile. She is often drooling.


She is rather erratic in behavior and mostly lacks common sense, being driven by impulse. She is also rather obsessive, being mostly focused on the object of her obsession.

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