Hesperia Badriyah Stoker
Hesperia "Hespie" Badriyah Stoker
Position Thirty-Ninth, Special Subclass
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Premonition
Killerbunny No 38
General Info
Age 15
Height About 4 ft 11 ins
Weight About 100.5 lbs
Status Alive


Little is known about her and what is known is that she was born in Salem, Massachusetts to a rather quiet family, the which she is the middle of.


She mostly wears a blue dress with red flowers and red shoes with blue bows, with a blue flower choker. She wears her brown hair in two sidetails on the right side of hair and they are bound by blue hair bobbles. Some of her teeth protrude and she has blood dripping from her mouth and wears a white bracelet. She also had scar-like birthmarks. Her eyes are covered by her bandages,

Her eyes are not the same as one-another. One of her eyes are black with what appears to be smaller unblinking red eyes in it and the other is yellow and cat-like, with a red ring around its slit pupil.



She never seems to give any direct hints towards her personality, aside from little cues. From what is observed, she seems to be introverted.

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