Iglika Zayek
Iglika "Ike" Zayek
Position Fifty-third, X Subclass
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Boots with hidden spikes
Killerbunny No 53
General Info
Age In the range of 17-25
Height 5 feet. 8 inches
Weight 120 lbs
Status Residing in Bergen


She was born in Bergen, New Jersey, to her parents Ivan and Bisera Zayek. When she was three, she had moved with her parents to Sofia, Bulgaria. After being tormented by other children, she resorted to violence and, as a result, was taken back Bergen, where she was abandoned.


Rather full and curvy figured, she has wavy crimson-lake hair with pink streaks and sienna eyes. She wears pink lipstick and pink eye makeup, with a pink heart tattoo over the right side of her mouth. She is normally seen in a black jacket with the sleeves rolled up, rose colored shorts, a drop pendant necklace, and a rose colored bikini top underneath, with black boots and some kind of band on one of her legs. She has two heart shaped tattoos near her cleavage, a tattoo reading "Roses have thorns", and a rose tattoo going around her leg.


She is very cocky and fears little due to her upbringing. She noted to be rather confrontational and tends to often pick fights, as well as trigger them. She has a rather perverse need to seek thrills wherever they are and whatever they happen to be, along with being a tad sadomasochistic. Apparently, she has a certain level of morals and standards, going by those whenever she sees fit to, which is usually very often

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