Jeanne Thompson
Jeanne "Ruellia" Thompson
Position Thirty-Seventh, X subclass
Threat Level Severe
Weapon Disguise and Knives
Killerbunny No 37
General Info
Age Unknown
Height 2-3.5 feet
Weight About 20 lbs
Status Alive


So far, what is known about her is that she was born somewhere in Kansas to her parents Harold and Hydrangea Thompson.


She is known for her green eyes and brown hair, typically bound in ringlets with blue bows. She is mostly seen in blue dress, with heeled Mary-janes and white socks. Her overall appearance is doll-like, which allows her to play into ruses


Her personality is hard to discern, since she is normally silent, talking only whenever she thinks necessarily. Although, what has been observed, she doesn't emote much but is quick to express annoyance or curiosity outwardly. She seems to be mostly be indifferent towards anything that doesn't concern her needs or goals.

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