Kamu and Kanran
Kamu and Kanran
Position Eleven and Twelfth, Criminal/Medium Subclass
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Varied
Killerbunny No 11 and 12
General Info
Age Unknown
Height 1 ft. 5 ins
Weight 20 lbs (Kamu) and 40 lbs (Kanran)
Status Residing at the Hombase


Having been born in Osaka, Japan and with a form of dwarfism, the two found themselves a home with the Yakuza where they learned what they had called survival skills. After some time and with their skills they had rose to the top, defecting from the Yakuza, but found themselves mostly dissatisfied. Later on, they had found themselves finding a new home with the Killerbunnies.


Kamu tends to usually wear pink baby clothes with matching shoes and sometimes, her shirt has Hello Kitty on it. In her hair, she wears pink flower hair clips and usually wears reddish-pink eyeliner. Her hair black hair has faint pink streaks.

Kanran, on the other hand, tends to wear green ruffled baby clothes which makes her look like a cabbage and green shoes with pink bows on them. She also wears green eyeliner and has green streaks in her hair. Also, she is typically seen with pink green ribbons in her hair. She is also wider than Kamu.


The two can be said to have a rather spoiled and selfish personality, easily becoming bored, causing them persue excitement when and wherever possible. Separately, Kamu can be said to be more levelheaded and is typically polite whenever needed, whereas Kanran is typically gluttonous, rude, and usually acts before thinking, making her rather foolish.

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