Kennie Footloose
Kennice "Kennie" Footloose
Position 73rd, Trainees
Threat Level None
Weapon Dance
Killerbunny No 73
General Info
Age Roughly 18-22
Height 5' 5''
Weight 127 lbs
Status In Training


According to Kennie, she was born somewhere in Vermont and that her parents names were Keith and Elizabeth "Liza" Footloose.


Kennie has brownish-auburn hair and brown eyes, tied in locs, and sienna colored eyes. She is normally seen in a red dress with black bra and gold jewelry, along with black high-heeled boots. One of her paws and ears is sienna and she has freckles under one eye. She also wears red makeup


She describes herself as a dancer with a personality to match. Known to be free-spirit, she is often a cheerful and eccentric sort, often indulging on her whims and fancies.

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