Lv.4-273.15 ("Lenore")
Position 65th, Containees
Threat Level None
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 65
General Info
Age Unknown
Height 2 feet. 8.5 ins
Weight Roughly 40 lbs
Status Contained


Her origins are rather obscure, although what is known is that she was born in a laboratory facility, where she had lived until a certain amount of years ago.


She has wild gray-yellow chartreuse hair with a red flower in it and purple eyes. She tends to wear a peridot shirt with a red overall dress. She wears one sock on her right foot and wears a some sort of bracelet on her left wrist.


She is described to have a rather "sweet disposition" and generally means well, unless afraid, in which case, she would react rather violently to a perceived threat.

Containment Procedures

"Lenore" is given a roomy cell of 20x20 feet. Her cell generally has a mini playground and she is often allowed what she asks for, be it new bedding or toys. Personnel are often allowed to handle and study her, although the latter is to be minimum.

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