Child #999 ("Lilith")
Position 59th, Containees
Threat Level None
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 59th
General Info
Age Unknown
Height 4 ft. 1 ins
Weight 55 lbs
Status Contained


Her origins are quite unknown but is clear she was apart if something secret. To her recollection, she started out a fairly normal girl before what she calls "the shattering" happened


She generally wears a black robe and black ribbons in her hair. Her eyes are red and she has whitish hair with red edges. She is also of a pallor and her veins are visible one the right side of her body.


She can be described as curious and very vague, yet free of malice.

Containment Procedures

She doesn't require much for containment, just a 10x10 cell with bedding and some means for entertainment. Personnel are required not ask of her past and are allow her out once a week.

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