Lolita Mallor
Ianthe "Lolita" Mallor
Position 75th, Thieves
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Deception
Killerbunny No 75
General Info
Age Unknown
Height 3 feet. 1 inch
Weight About 20 lbs
Status Alive


It's never said where she was born but she does assert that her parents are Clarence and Inez Mallor and that she presently resides in the rural parts of Knoxville, Tenn. So far, she has gotten away with over 800 counts of theft.


Like Jeanne, she looks very much like a small child and is often seen in a ruffled pink dress and pink bows. She has a gauze patch on one of her arms and an eye patch. She has grey-green eyes and brownish blonde hair, along with wearing a purple choker.


Ianthe is known to be mysterious making most her of personality unknown, however, she has been described as being "quietly bitchy" and sometimes sweet. Generally, she is described as ladylike, not one to use curse-words.

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