Margie Randolle
Margaretha "Margie" Randolle
Position 66th, X Class
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Sewing Supplies
Killerbunny No 66
General Info
Age In the range of 8-11
Height 4' 5'' - 5' 2'
Weight 50-90 lbs
Status Alive


Her family having moved on frequent basis, so her initial birthplace is unknown, however, she was born to her parents Christofferson and Zina Randolle. When she a small child, she got into accident that injured one of her legs and spine, requiring for her to walk with a cane. She attributes the rest of her injuries to certain degree of accidents and some to self-mutilation trying to repair them


Her long blondish hair is tied into pigtails with rose colored bands and she has green eyes,although one is sewn shut. She wears a ruffle layered beige-rose and rose colored dress with a pale yellow apron with red hearts. She is covered in scars and wears a rose brace and shoes. Generally, due to spinal injuries, she is seen carrying around a cane.


She is described as being nice and would very much like to think of herself as "helping" people, in which case she is much misguided. When angered, she is hard to speak about.

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