Martie Bennet
Martynne "Martie" Bennet
Position 77th, Trainees
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 77
General Info
Age Unknown
Height 3 feet. 6 inch
Weight About 57 lbs
Status Alive


Martie was born Indiana. She states that she has no clue who or where her parents are, however, she does live with an aunt by the name of Marilyne Louisse "Mary-Lou" Bennet and her cousins, Morris and Europa. According to said Aunt, the tattoo on her arm came from her mother.


Martie has reddish hair and greenish eyes, one of which she is blind in. On her face and one of her legs is a prominent birthmark. She wears a yellow shirt with red stripes on the sleeves and blue overalls with red pockets. She wears a gold bracelet, has a tattoo on of her arms, and blue shoes with white socks and pink frills.


She is described as tomboyish and sullen, hardly expressive.

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