Mental and Construction
Marilitsa Willoughbie and Concietta Hubbard
Position 79 and 80th, Pairbonds
Threat Level High (Mental) and Low to Moderate (Construction)
Weapon Double bladed axe (Mental)
Killerbunny No 79 and 80
General Info
Age 28 (Mental) and 20 (Mental)
Height 6 feet. 2 inch (Mental) and 4 feet (Construction)
Weight About 133 lbs (Mental) and 63.5 lbs (Construction)
Status Alive


Marilitsa was born to her parents, Harold and Nadina Willoughbie, in Columbus, Ohio, the the first of three children. When she was five, her father passed away of terminal cancer and her family later on moved in with a cousin. When she thirteen, she was arrested theft and battery, being sentenced to sixty days in a detention center.

Concietta was born in Cape Cod, New Jersey, to her parents, Luther and Sabina Hubbard. According to most that know her, she hasn't done any particular wrongdoing and neither does she have a criminal record. How the pair met is unknown.


Marilitsa is typically seen in a short purple dress with black boots and a pearl bracelet, along with a purple choker. She has purple flower tattoos and wide grey streak in her otherwise black hair. She also has green eyes and wears auburn eyeshadow and red lipstick, along with a flower.

Concietta wears a pink bow in her brown hair and wears pink and magenta clothes and shoes and matching makeup. Around her neck, she wears a pearl choker with a ruby. Her brown hair is tied in multi-braided pigtails with pink bows and she has aqua-green eyes. She also has freckles.


Marilitsa is described as being a person with no real motive and goes on impulse and instinct, as though she hasn't a mind at all. Generally, she is a hotheaded and irascible person with a very, very, short fuse, along with being histronic.

Concietta is noted to be very shy, almost like a little girl. Unlike Marilitsa, she is often nice and patient, generally going out of her way to do favors

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