Position 71st, Trainees
Threat Level Low
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 71
General Info
Age Between 19-25
Height 5' 4''
Weight 123 lbs
Status In Training


She was born in Miami, Florida, moving to Brooklyn, when she was but two months old, after her Aunt Lyla took custody of her. When she was twelve, she was sentenced to a few months in juvie.


Generally, she is seen wearing a blue bandana with some sort of print on it and a short blue off-shoulder shirt with black straps, along with a red thong, denim-jeans, and red shoes. Her eyes are brown and she has black feather hair with blue streaks in it, along with her black tipped ears peeking out from behind her head. She wears a pearl necklace with a sapphire and bracelets. She also has heart tattoos.


She is mostly described as a "tuffy sort", hardened by past experiences. She has somewhat of cynical outlook and tends to mostly indulge her own whims.

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