Milo Moore
Milo Steele
Position Twenty-Eighth, Normal Class
Threat Level Low
Weapon Chains
Killerbunny No 28
General Info
Age Mid to late teens
Height Between 5 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 3 inches
Weight About 130 lbs at the most
Status Residing in Honolulu with her parents


She was born and raised in the suburbs of Honolulu, Hawaii, to her parents, Micheal and Makani Moore, who would teach her to defend herself, be that with whatever weapon.


Her appearance is that of a tallish teenaged girl and with green eyes and green hair, with dyed pink patches. She is usually wearing red lipstick and dresses in some kind of Harajuku fashion.


She is normally laid back, not quick to anger but, at the at she same time, quick to excite. Generally, she is noted to be rather lazy, preferring to nap, over doing anything, unless direly important.

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