Muli Wayleaf
Mulein "Muli" Wayleaf
Position 64th, X class
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Tools
Killerbunny No 64
General Info
Age In the range of 4-8
Height 4 feet. 3. 5 ins
Weight 65 lbs
Status Currently serving 30 days of house arrest


According to her, she was born Minnesota, to a family of five, with her being the youngest child, along with that her leg was runover, requiring a surgery to repair it. Recently, she was arrested for breaking into safes.


She has pale blonde hair tied into pigtails and sienna eyes, with a birthmark on her face and crooked teeth that protrude. She is generally seen with an olive green shirt and maroonish overalls with gloves and green and blue gym shoes.


She is noted to be clever girl and tends to throw wisecracks. She is rather cocky, if not disrespectful, and primarily goes on her whims.

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