Myrtle Fitzgerald
Myrtle "Myrt" Fitzgerald
Position 69th, Trainees
Threat Level None
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 69
General Info
Age 29
Height 5' 5''
Weight 123 lbs
Status In Training


She was born in Baltimore, Maryland to her parents Gus and Esther "Essie" Fitzgerald. When she was ten years old and when her parents fell on hard times, she was sent to live with aunt in Florida.


With streak-dyed rose and black colored hair and blue eyes, she wears similar colored dress with a necklace and white belt. She wears pink makeup and has two pink anklets on ankle and wears no shoes.


She's generally described as strong-willed, yet spoiled, often wanting to get what she wants, however, she is known to be even to mild-tempered.

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