Nia Souza
Racquel "Nia" Souza
Position 6nd, Normal Class
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Strength
Killerbunny No 62
General Info
Age Eighteen if not a few years younger
Height 5 feet. 5 inches
Weight 113 lbs
Status Alive


According to her, to her recollections, she had gotten into an accident at least a few years prior and that she was born somewhere in New Hampshire. She also states that her parents names are Christopher and Bianca.


She has blue-tinted yellow-chartreuse hair and tends to wear yellow-chartreuse with pink lipstick. She wears clothes with similar colors to her hair. Her mechanical parts are made of a copper alloy and she has a metallic collar. Some of her veins are visible and she has a few scars.


She is described to be rather nice, yet rather naive of her of her strength, seeing as she has hard time understanding that her robotic limbs do not work like her biological ones.

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