Oleander Cloris Greene
Oleander Cloris "Imogene" Greene
Position Thirty-First, Moderate Subclass
Threat Level Low
Weapon Unknown
Killerbunny No 31
General Info
Age 11
Height 3 feet. 2 inches
Weight 32 lbs
Status Residing in Chicago


She was born in the slums of Chicago to Ernald and Ernestine Greene. When she was five years old, she had lost her leg to an accident that required it be amputated. Almost a year later, she was caught in the crossfire of a knife fight and had her mouth slashed from one corner, later on, in a car accident, recieved a severe gash in her head, requiring stitches.


She is small girl wearing a loose-fitting green dress, with a green shoe and white sock. She has reddish hair, tied in a looping braids on both sides of her head. She also has green eyes with bags underneath and green ribbons tied in her hair. She also has scars from the gash and the knife fight incident. Her most notable feature is that she is minus a leg.


She is noted for having a vague personality and can be described as rather dull. She is generally bored, as few things excite her, however, she does and will emote if push comes to shove. She isn't one to get involved in things, leaving them to its own devices, and usually straight forward honest, doubly so when spewing venom. She is noted in general to be indifferent

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