Phoenix Leewood
Phoenix "Fire o' Fancy" Leewood
Position 57th and 58th, Trainees
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 63
General Info
Age At least 17
Height 5 feet. 8.5 ins
Weight 113 lbs
Status Alive


So far, nothing can really be said about her, aside from her parent's being named Alexander and Jenifer Leewood


Generally seen in a flame colored tube dress, black leggings (or bike shorts), and black ankle boots, anklets on one ankle. Her hair is red, dyed at the ends in yellow and orange, and tied into a sidetail by black bow. She also wears a gold choker with a ruby and a gold bracelet. Her eyes are peridot and she tends to wear similarly shaded eye makeup on her eyes


She is general described as being more like fire, which is to say, she is known to volatile and energetic, easily excited and easily angered.

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