Reaping Twins
Duranta "Duran" and Belladonna "Bella" Reaping
Position Fourty-fifth and Fourty-sixth, Unknown Class
Threat Level Severe
Weapon Scythe and Shovel
Killerbunny No 45 and 46
General Info
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Status Roaming


Nothing is too know about the twins aside from the fact that they are rumored to come a haunted farm. Nothing is known of their family or their place of origin. However, they are rumored to have something to do with disappearances in various areas.


Both have white hair and yellow chartreuse eyes with black ribbons and a similar style of dress. Duranta wears black dress similar to her sister, except floor length, and her side tail is wavy, with two braids around it. She also wears a pearl necklace and amethyst earrings. The moles under her eye are on the right side. Belladonna wears a shorter black dress, gold choker, and tends to carry an hourglass. The moles are under her eye are on the left side and her side tail has a braid looping around it.


It is said the twins have similar, if not identical personalities. Not much can be said, however

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