Rudie McSkullsky
Rudolphina "Rudie" McSkullsky
Position 47th, Normal Subclass
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Vehicles
Killerbunny No 47
General Info
Age 16.5
Height 6 feet. 5 inches
Weight 180 lbs
Status Presently living in Carroll Park, also under special surveillance


Rudie and her sister, Frieda was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to their parents Richard and Williamina "Willie" McSkullsky. Wanting so much to rebel against the norm, she turned to a life of crime when she was twelve and had stolen her first car when she was thirteen. Currently, she is living on her own in an apartment Carroll Park and works gains income at Hot Topic


Rudie is typically seen in black short-pants with a pink belt and a cropped asymmetrical black shirt with a skull on it. She tends not to wear matching footwear, often being seen in a pink boot and pink Mary-Jane heel. She wears a pink spiked bracelet and a pink drop jewel choker. Her frizzy chatrusy hair is dyed pink at the ends is and some of it is tied in sidetail with pink hair bobbles and has skull 'n bones hairclip. She also wears pink make-up and has pink tattoos.


She is rather strong willed and rebellious, fearing little and having no qualms about doing something morally questionable. She is described as a person who likes to test her limits and can be easy to irritate, however, she is quick to make friends.

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