Rylie D. Dwade-Colden
Rylie Desdemona Dwade-Colden
Position Fifty-fifth, Normal Subclass
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Walker
Killerbunny No 55
General Info
Age About 9 mos. - 1 yr.
Height 1.5 ft 2 ins
Weight 170 lbs
Status Residing with her parents in Providence


Being the youngest of four, she was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to her parents Richard and Deila Dwade-Colden. After suffering numerous bullying from the kids outside of relatives, her parents thought it'd be fit to fashion guns onto her walker. Due to her use of them, she has injured about 48 children, 3 teenagers, and 28 adults and was often expelled from day care centers.


She is normally seen in pink and purple clothing and tends to be seen in baby walker, sucking on a pacifier. She has wiry ginger hair with bows and blue eyes. Often looks perpetually displeased


Like most babies, she tends to mostly care about whatever comes to pass and is often curious, despite being brainy. However, she is rather grouchy, preferring to be much left to her devices.

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