Second Liberator
Saoirse Lizanne "Second Liberator" McIntosh
Position 67th, X Class
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Plasma Gun
Killerbunny No 67
General Info
Age Roughly 20-26 years old
Height 5' 11''
Weight 140 lbs
Status Alive


Saoirse was born in Dover, Delaware to her parents Brian and Maeve, as the oldest of five children. She was what some consider a normal child and youth, until, a laboratory accident that exposed her to a form of plasma when she was in high school.


Generally, she wears a cropped tube top with aqua-green hearts and black shorts with an aqua green thong and a white belt with heart buckle, along with black boots. She also wears a choker with matching bracelets and has green eyes and black hair with similar colored streaks, along with having three small moles on one side of her mouth. She wears black eyeliner, greenish lipstick, and has "2nd Lib." tattooed on her midsection.


Generally, she is described as cocky and brash almost to a fault. She pursues excitement and is always jonesing for a rush. Some tend to describe her as smart but "lethally stupid".

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