Test Subject 001892300012
"Lucy" (Test Subject 001892300012)
Position Eighteenth, Containees
Threat Level Between Moderate to Severe
Weapon Claws and Teeth
Killerbunny No 18
General Info
Age Unknown but she states to be three
Height 6 feet. 6 inches
Weight 160 lbs
Status Contained at the home base


Her backstory is hazy and she can only say what she can recall. From what is known, she was created as a test subject for some sort of experiment, with said experiment going awry.


Her appearance is that generally of a young woman with long nails, teeth (some of which can be seen protruding), and bloodied clothes, as well as scarred legs. She has blonde hair that covers her eyes. When her eyes are seen, they are noted to be green with stains of red.


She is noted to be rather vague with her personality and is quick to distrust others before getting accurate judgement, just as she would trust them. She isn't actively malicious but would be quick to do harm. Generally, she is rather infantile and curious, having little experience of the world. At the same time, she would makes friends and is easy to influence.

Containment Procedures

Generally speaking, her containment has gone as followed. She is generally allowed a large space to move around and a bed in which to sleep. Her cell contains no bars, just a door with a slide panel opening. She is given food or toys through a window . Recently, her containment includes a pet mouse, which was intended as food, however, she didn't mind its presence,

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