Thomas Twins
Miren and Citrine Thomas
Position 57th and 58th, Normal Class
Threat Level Moderate
Weapon Purse (Citrine)
Killerbunny No 57 and 58
General Info
Age Early 20s
Height 5 feet. 11.5 inches
Weight 113 lbs (Miren) and 168 lbs (Citrine)
Status Alive


The two were born to their parents Terrence and Ayeline Thomas in the suburbs of Green Bay, Wisconsin.


They both have blue eyes and hair that is a color combination of orange, yellow, and maize.

Miren tends to have a particularly sullen look, a mole on her left cheek, freckles on her left breast, and usually wears pink lipstick. Her typical outfit consists of a pale green tube dress, matching boots, necklace, black bikini top underneath, and has a shape that borders on hourglass.

Citrine is heavyset with longer hair and freckles on her cheeks. Her outfit colors are orange and yellow and she has cosmetic orange heart tattoos. She wears yellow boots and pearl and citrine necklace, along with makeup.


Miren, true to her overall expression, tends to be described as "lean and mean". She is generally moody and tends to be unpleasant to deal with. To surmise, she is called the "bitter one"

Citrine is described to be bright and bubbly. She tends to be outgoing and is very hard to upset. She is described as the "sweet one"

Together, they can be described as unpleasant, due to mixed messages.

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