Tilla Patsal
Quintilianne "Tilla" Patsal
Position 76th, Trainees
Threat Level Between Low and Moderate
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 76
General Info
Age Between 17-24
Height 5 feet. 8 inch
Weight About 120 lbs
Status Alive


Quintilianne was born in the rougher parts of Newark, New Jersey. She doesn't know who her biological father is and neither does her mother, Leonora (otherwise known as "Lena"). When she was only three, her mother remarried a man by the name of Micheal Patsall. Three years into her mother's marriage, her stepfather passed away, leaving all his assets to her in a trust. When she was eight, her mother abandoned her with aunt and uncle, Mary and Herbert.


She has maizeish colored hair with a grey streak (the streaked side bound in a sidetail) and sienna colored eyes with pink makeup on them. She has a rose tattoo on her right arm and butterfly with a rose on her right leg, along with cherry branch on the right side of her abdomen, along with a vine tattooed on her ear. On her left side, her she has the kanji for danger and another cherry branch.

Below one of her eyes, she has a mole and, between her eyes, she has a two dots and a rounded diamond tattooed on her face. Her left ear has three piercings. She also wears red lipstick and a choker.

Her attire consists of a black bra-like top with a pink transparent chiffon like cover over it and short pink shorts, with heels. She also posses wide hips and is known to be shapely.


Tilla tends describe her as a tsundere, which is to say, one who seems cold and mean, however, is sweet one the inside. Her personality in general is variable and erratic, although she is a s she describes.

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