Tobe Lucas
Evynne"Tobe" Lucas
Position 74th, Trainees
Threat Level None
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 74
General Info
Age 18
Height 5' 3''
Weight 127 lbs
Status In Training


Evynne was born in one of the inner cities of Rhode Island, the middle of five, to her parents Elmer and Beatrix "Trixie" Lucas. When she was twelve, she was caught on a piece of glass earning her a scar and, when she was thirteen, one her legs was burned. Later on, there was an unknown event where she had gotten a tattoo.


She has something of palish tan or ashy-blonde hair and wears it tied in braids bound in bows, and has green eyes . Normally, she is seen in a color scheme of rose and green and wears pink makeup. She also has a tattoo in the shape of a red flower. She also wears a choker with an emerald.


She is very eccentric and is good natured, often looking to help people and doesn't like telling harsh truths.

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