Valeriemissy Hearton
Valeriemissy Hearton
Position Twentieth, Special class
Threat Level Critical
Weapon Pipe
Killerbunny No 20
General Info
Age 14- 16
Height 5 feet. 5 inches
Weight 120 lbs
Status Under special surveillance


From what is known is that she is from San Fernando, California and was born to a fairly wealthy family.


She had long pale blonde hair dyed at the ends and on the bangs, tied in pigtails with ribbons and has one braid each, and blue eyes. She generally wears pink makeup, with blue eyeliner to go with her pink, and has heart tattoos. She is usually seen in a pink poncho like shirt and blue ruffle skirt with pink bloomers underneath and a pink belt with heart buckle. She is typically seen with black boots that have pink rims. She also wears a heart choker. If one pays close attention, they will notice that one eye is wider than the other


With the appearance of a typical girly-girl in looks and liking, she demonstrates a very childlike and often cheerful personality, acting seemingly friendly with everyone she encounters and almost always smiling, in general jovial and zany, giving some perception that she is a ditz, at the same time, concealing a sadistic streak, allowing her to place a facade, bending things to her whims as she pleases, without any regard for anyone or anything besides herself. When feeling otherwise confronted with something unavoidable, her sadistic streak becomes even more apparent, the facade starting to fade, and she struggles to hold her smile, it usually growing rather twisted, though still maintaining her cheerfulness but not so easily her composure. Despite being absent-minded, she can and will keep a grudge, though said grudges usually don't last very long, as she tends to forget them, unless otherwise reminded, which wouldn't be very often.

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