Wynn Audley
Turquoise "Wynn" Audley
Position Fifty-Sixth, Trainees
Threat Level None
Weapon None
Killerbunny No 56
General Info
Age Younger than 40s
Height 5 feet. 11 inches
Weight 322 lbs
Status Alive


Not to much is known about her backstory, however, it is clear she was born in Wisconsin, south of the capital Madison, to her parents Royland and Wynifred Antoinine Audley.


She is noted to be very heavyset woman with pink tinted ginger-root hair and sienna colored eyes. She is mostly seen in a short turquoise dress, matching shoes, and a white double-layered pearl necklace. She tends to wear pink lipstick with turquoise eye makeup.


She is quiet and reserved, although is quite demanding and can be polite almost to a fault. However, she has proverbial dislike of anything she doesn't find appealing or insulting.

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