Kid Urchins
Absinthe "Xylona" Abernathy, Cybele Cybie" Clarke, and Briallen "Bria" Beech
Position 42 nd, 43rd, and 44th, Orphaned Subclass
Threat Level None
Weapon Biting (Xylona)
Killerbunny No 42, 43, and 44
General Info
Age 9 (Cybie), 8 (Absinthe), and 6 (Briallen)
Height 3 feet 11 ins (Cybele), 3.5 ft and 3 ins (Absinthe) 2 ft 5 inches (Briallen)
Weight 170 lbs
Status Orphaned and residing at the home base


From what is said about them, the three of them live their lives as urchins and have been living like that for about a few years at the most.
According to Cybele, her parents died in a fire and the whereabouts of her other relatives are unknown, leading her to be placed into multiple foster homes before being placed in a children's home with several other children, where she had eventually met Xylona and Bria. From what Absinthe remembers, she used to live with an aunt and uncle (the names of which she cannot remember) but, due to finances being unable to support her, they had to give up custody of her. Briallen has no recollection of any family, having lived in the children's home since infancy


Cybele is commonly seen in a pink floral dress with a blue shirt over it and red belt, with blue and white saddle shoes, along with frilled bobby socks. She has curly hair with what appear to be small dreadlocks or microbraids tied back with a blue ribbon, brown eyes, and burn scars. Absinthe is seen in an asymmetric dress with a a yellow sunburst pattern and green leggings, with matching shoes and a leg brace. She also tan hair (with a pink bow), freckles, and green eyes, along with a band-aid on one of her cheeks and fang-like incisors. Briallen has auburn hair, blue eyes, and a protruding tooth. Around her neck is a pacifier and what she is normally seen in are shorts, yellow shoes, yellow hat with a purple floral pattern, pink undershirt, pink bows and red shirt.


Being the oldest, Cybele is the levelheaded one and possesses a certain degree of pessimism, along with having a strong desire to look after the other two. Absinthe is often playful and mischievous, along with having very little social skills inconsistent with those her age. Briallen is noted to be headstrong and tomboyish.

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